Show the Best Side of Sunglasses on Your Websites – Tips to Refine Images

If you’ve ever thought about the most-oft used phrase “A picture speaks a thousand words”, you will just be skimming the surface about the importance of images. When it comes to online marketing, images play a pivotal role. It is because your prospective buyer will not be able to see the exact product or feel it with his hands. So, he needs to make the best of the image he sees on your website. Therefore, it is of prime importance that the image you display on your product page or category page should be not only of very high quality, but also speak volumes about the product. The image should be greatly detailed and free of any unwanted objects, marks or stains that could detract the visitor from getting a good view of the product.

It goes without saying that you should do comprehensive and professional image editing before you post them online. The first and foremost thing that you should concentrate on is to remove an irrelevant background. When you post images of your product the background should not prevent the visitor from getting a good look at the item. The background can be anything seen behind the subject in focus. Even shadows and reflections may form a part of the background.

Planning to post image of sunglasses on your website? Then you should definitely pay special attention to the shadows and reflection. While photographing objects that have glass or shiny surfaces, reflection is something that you can’t completely avoid. So, you should go for post processing techniques to play around with these aspects and use them to show your product in the best light.

During post processing, you should concentrate on are refining shadows and controlling reflections.

Refining Shadows

While posting sunglass pictures online, if you remove the shadows completely, then the image is sure to look bland and unnatural. Subtle shadows help give it a realistic touch. There are three types of shadows generally created when you’re photographing reflective subjects. They are natural, drop and reflective shadows.

A natural shadow can be created by using one light source with a reflector on the opposite side. Drop shadow, on the other hand, is created when the product is photographed under direct lighting. To give your web image a more realistic touch, add reflective shadows. It gives the impression that the product was placed on a reflective surface before being photographed. Almost like how the customer may see the glasses when the salesperson places it on the shiny countertop.

Whether you want to remove or edit such types of shadows, you can easily do it by creating multiple layers when you’re editing on Photoshop. Make a tight selection around the sunglasses frame, and use the oval selection to create new curves. Once done, soften and feather the edges, adjust the opacity and flatten the layers. The shadows will now enhance your subject and highlight its important features.

Controlling Reflections

Controlling image reflections is completely a new ball game when compared to optimizing shadows. Here, you should also take into consideration the light conditions and setup when the product was photographed.

If backlighting was used while capturing the photograph, then post procession should be relatively simple. This is because technically backlighting tends to cover up imperfections. Change the background to pure white and de-saturate any light spots or smudges, and you’re final picture is ready.

For products like sunglasses that have more reflections, both light set up during photographing and post processing should be done with great care, or your product may end up looking like a low-quality item. Side lighting can be very effective in such cases, and will require minimal post processing.

Metal frame sunglasses could again pose a problem for photographers as well as photo editors. Here, they have to deal with two reflecting surfaces – metal and glass. To capture such sunglasses, you should set up two diffused light sources and use side lighting to photograph. When side lit, the product doesn’t create too much harsh reflections, making it easy during photo editing. You can remove marks, smudges or any other imperfections using healing and cloning tools.

Reasons Why Unlimited Web Hosting Is the Best Hosting Plan for You

Only an unlimited hosting plan can offer you the reliability, the reputation and the security that one needs to have one’s online business run successfully for a longer period of time. Any website with frequent downtimes or error messages occurring every week with no technical support catering to the problems is surely bound to face loss of business and prestigious clientele. No matter what the nature of your website is, personal or business, unlimited web hosting always stands as the best option for the web masters. Know why? Because:

As the name suggests, unlimited web hosting entails not just unlimited domains, but also disk space, bandwidth, databases and number of email accounts. Not only this, it offers you ample room for growth in the future, such that you are not restricted to small amount of domains or email accounts. As and when your online business grows, the unlimited web hosting becomes all the more important for you to entertain your growing clientele, contacts and products.

Unlimited web hosting provides advanced and user-friendly features. One, you get access to a control panel, through which you can control and maintain your websites, and at times can also access tools like photo editor and text editor. Besides, unlimited web hosting plans also provide you with tools like HTML editors, PHP editors, ColdFusion editors and other CMS. Access to control panels also enables you to import and manage your databases. A majority of reputed website use unlimited web hosting plans for their websites with flash and videos.

Furthermore, unlimited web hosting offers various comprehensive service plans, ranging from free, simple cheap hosting accounts to the most sophisticated two-year plans, as per one’s desirability. This is all possible by companies when they have thousands of dedicated servers on which the client website data is hosted at multiple locations and the feature of unlimited packages are going to suit everyone’s requirements. These are not only going to offer you with large resources but also ensure that the costs are very less compared to the shared hosting packages.

Not forgetting, the technical support function provided by unlimited hosting providers is simply tremendous. There is a professional technical support team especially dedicated to the websites, who can be contacted through phone, 24 x 7 chat and email.

Last but not the least, unlimited hosting also constitute fair and transparent license and user agreements to its clients, with a 30-day or 90-day money back guarantee.

5 Applications That Allow You To Create Cool Photo Effects In Facebook

Facebook and other social networking sites have become a part of our lives. Every day, we log in to our profiles in these social networking sites for interacting with our fiends and for sharing videos, images and other interesting stuff. For many people, Facebook is the best medium for sharing images and photos. With the help of this social networking site people can easily share their photos with the world, comment on each other’s photos and have a lot of fun. Those of us, who are a little adventurous, can utilize various applications which can help them in enhancing their Facebook photos.

Here are the top 5 applications that will allow you to create cool photo effects in Facebook:

1. piZap – this is one of the most popular image editing application on Facebook, which allows you to create cool photo effects. The popularity of this app can be ascertained from the fact that it is used by more than 7 million users. Add colorful text, borders and stickers. You can quickly create cutouts, collages and apply different filter effects. It allows you to be creative with your Facebook images and photos.

2. PicsArt Photo Studio – this is another popular photo app which is available in Android as well. The app has more than 1 million followers and it offers a variety of image editing features. It is a free application, which will allow you to create cool photo effects and you can edit the images, based on your requirement. The best part is that, PicsArt Photo Studio has a policy of not selling images uploaded by the users.

3. 500px – it is a very interesting social media app, which is also available in iPad and iPhone. It allows you to create various cool and funny photo effects. It has been developed by 500px Inc and is available for free. The application allows the users to share their edited photos, and it also allows them to like those photos which have been shared by other users. This app is also liked by more than a million users.

4. PhotoMania – this Facebook photo app, which has more than a million users, offers a variety of features to create cool photo effects. It has been published by Trionity, and is available to Facebook users for free. This image editing application offers more than 400 different free photo effects. It is easy to use, fast and reliable. With the help of this application, you can easily convert your images into pieces of art, which will express your ideas and visions.

5. We Hear It – this is an image editing application which has been able to impress the users. This application is also used by more than million people. Apart from offering a variety of cool photo effects for free, the application also allows the users to organize their images. Besides, the users can also view the images which are uploaded by other users of the application. It is also available in iPad and iPhone.

Learn To Create Photo Effects

Even the most beautiful photo shots can use an effect in order to be absolutely perfect. Even though they look great, there might be a detail that looks much better highlighted or the entire photo-shot might look even more amazing by adding a certain detail. Sometimes, there are photo-shots that look absolutely gorgeous but that would look even more impressive with a smoothed detail or a blurred one. These are just some of the changes that certain photos need in order to be transformed from great photo-shots into perfect ones.

Luckily for those who are implicated in this industry, there are plenty of cool photo effects that can be used in order to change certain small details. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to add effects to photos. If you are one of them, here are some simple steps that will teach you everything you need to know about this field. Luckily, your good taste and a few blending techniques can help you obtain any effect you want and transform the photo-shot that you want to change. For this, all you need is some mouse clicks.

The first step is to open the photo editor that you want to choose. There are plenty of types of software especially designed for photo effects, so just choose one of them and install it.

Once the editor file is opened, you can move on to step number two, which is to import the photo that is going to be changed from the file where you saved it.

The photo imported is going to be saved in the ”layers” tab, so step number three is to select the tab and to open it in order to get access to the photo that is going to be changed.

Step number four is to click on the ”filter” tab. This tab contains a list of sub-menus that list the number of filters that can be used on the photo. You just have to decide the number of filters that you are going to use for the photo that you are about to edit and to select the appropriate sub-menu tab. Once step number four is ready, you can go on to step number five.

Step number five is to direct your attention to the ”blur” tab, which is usually used for the routine retouching. This tab offers you the possibility to produce new shades, to define lines and to soften or hazy the shading effect, so just play with it in order to find the perfect combination for your photo. Once you are ready with this tab, you can do to the sixth step, which is also the final one.

Step number six is to direct your attention towards the ”distort” tab; this tab contains sub-menus that allow you to render the image, squeeze it or stretch it, so you’ll probably find it funny. This is one of the tabs that allow you to use some fun photo effects. I’m sure you’ll love it.